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Mount Laurel, New Jersey 2 comments
Not resolved

My bank won't cancel it. My card keeps being charged they offer all the phone number but the last digit. Both numbers are different. My bank can't or won't help me!!

I found a link but this link does't offer any help as far as these 2 particular charges.

I have been trying to find out what this is and where it came from but have not been able to.

I am sick to death of this!!!!

Pissed is not the word anymore!!! Does any body have any idea where to go get this phone number!!!



all you have to do is call the number and cancel your account.

Ambattur, Tamil Nadu, India #27996

Hi! I hope it's still not going on but I have the number to Travel&ent if you needed it. This just recently happened to me and of course got literally PISSED!

well here ya go!

1 800 820 1929

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